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Building a Offshore Tech Center

Problem Statement:

The client was looking for setting up an ODC with a full-stack Engineering Team comprising of Frontend(ReactJs), Backend(Java), DevOps(AWS), Prod Support(Level 1+ 2), and Technology Product Management.


ElastiCrew Management Team set up the best-in-class Engineering Team of 10 Precruit Consultants within 1 month; and staffed it with the right-fit experience/cost ratio required for a self-driven, self-managed team.

Our Process:

Hired consultants from various channels. New Grads from Flagship Campus Incubation process From the Open market via our recruitment network With Precruit's jump-starter kit, asset management acted as a catalyst -Laptop, Office space, VPN, Connectivity, AWS, Corporate policies, etc. 6 out of 10 members were converted to Client's Roll after an engagement period of 12 months. The client was able to quickly start their operations, and also di-risked challenges inherent to initiatives.